Day 50 – Repeat Tests – November 2 2011

Due to the blizzard warning, Jani and I drove down to the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora and stayed in the SpringHill Hotel across the street on night of November 1 2011. When we woke this morning, we decided we might the right call – lots of snow and blowing!
Snow along Colfax Ave in Aurora, Colorado (above) and Jani digging Bart out of the snow at the SpringHill Hotel (below)We arrived at UCH early for all of my appointments. As we were sitting in the hallway outside the BIC (place where I get my blood drawn and my Trifusion Hickman Catheter dressing changes), Dr. Han Myint walked by and we had a good visit with him. My next appointment with Dr. Myint is next Wednesday, November 9th.
At 8 AM, I had my blood drawn and my dressing changed by Nurse Cara. My central line looks fine according to her.
My blood results