Day 5 – Morning Update September 18 2011

My 4 AM blood values of today, September 18 2011, continue to drop as expected – blood cells at 0.8, platelets at 107, and hemoglobin at 9.1.
The expected diarrhea from the melphalan has started too, but not really in earnest yet.
Stuck in my delightful Room 1125 because of the new shingle outbreak. All caregivers and visitors need to wear the yellow shield gown and blue gloves if they come in.
I ordered breakfast early and it came fairly early. I was able to eat some of the scramble egg and french toast despite feeling nauseated. I am evaluating the nausea at “6” on a 1-10 scale with “10” throwing up and it just never seems to leave me – full stomach or not.