Day 5 – Evening Update September 18 2011

Faye Hummel stayed until 5 PM and helped me with my dinner order. I decided nothing sounded good and ate a small bowl of cereal that Faye got at the store on her way here this morning. Per usual, the food does not help ease my nausea. Nurse Practitioner Carley came in and chatted with me about the nausea. I’d only managed to get almost one bottle water (16 ounces) all day, so Carley decided to increase my IV maintanence fluids from 75 cc/her to 125 cc hour. My nursing care continues to be top notch. Here are my day Nurse Jennifer at change of shift this evening with Nurse Sherry September 18 2011 7 PM.

They started me on a neupogen shot this afternoon too (I think the dosage was 300 mg). The neupogen is to stimulate my new baby stem cells into action.

My 4 PM blood draw results aren’t much different than this morning,