Day 43 – SNOW SNOW and NO ELECTRICITY October 26 2011

Our power went off about 2 AM this morning and we woke to 11 inches of heavy, wet, new snow. The trees were drooping due to the weight of the snow. Jani and Robbyn went out in the darkness of the morning with poles to knock snow off their many trees.

Jani and Robbyn’s house in Greeley Colorado. First snow of the season 11 inches.
Jani and Robbyn’s giant blue spruce tree (note my car in background on lower left for perspective on size of tree).
We were more fortunate than most our neighbors because Jani and Robbyn have a gas fireplace and a gas cook top. So, we had heat and a method for making our coffee, tea, and scrambled eggs!!

Kemmer and jm with a foot ruler in the snow – measuring 11 inches and it is still snowing, October 26 2011.