Day 42: Thankful

It’s a special Thanksgiving for us this year. We have quite a bit to be thankful for.

  • Hot air balloons named Rosie
  • The awesome hotel staff at the Homewood Suites
  • Ativan
  • ReRe – our housekeeeper for 8 weeks
  • Our transplant nurses Carolyn & Christy at the cancer center
  • DAB pumps – say no to nausea!
  • No mouthsores!
  • 76.8 million stem cells collected in 1 day
  • Our prayer warriors
  • The cards and letters that were sent each week during the SCT
  • No hospital stays!
  • Our Fighting Like A Girl readers

We’ve been trying to get back to normal around here. It seems like I have been on the road for work since we were discharged. Momma is recovering at home and doing great. She still can’t be out in large crowds. She’s been keeping herself busy organizing kitchen cabinets. We’ll return to Greenville in late January for her 100 day evaluation. They’ll determine at that time what the next steps will be — maintenance chemo or a second transplant. We’re ready to take on either! Happy Thanksgiving!

Fighting Like A Girl