Day 40 – Aug 19th 2014

I would like to report on my improvement but I am afraid I can’t do that just yet. The worse thing is the dreadful feelings of nausea which is much worse in the afternoon and I have actually been physically sick on the last three evenings. I seem to have tried all I can think of from the 4 different medications prescribed to ginger in various forma, mint tea, mint sweets, Rennies, Gaviscon and pressure point wrist bands. If any one has any other ideas I would be most grateful.

It is very hard to eat or drink much when you feel so sick. Yesterday I managed a small bowl of ready brek but that was it for the day. Today I have had some Rice Krispies with a few strawberries and some mint tea. Colin is going to cook some lamb chops for lunch so I will try my hardest to eat some otherwise I will fade away. I have become quite anxious about eating, never mind the fact I don’t fancy anything, because of how bad I feel in the evening, but it can’t help having all my medication sitting in an empty stomach.

Other than feeling sick I have become even more weak but today I will make some effort to get out of bed and spend some time downstairs.

Mentally despite all of this I am keeping depression at bay. Of course I am not happy with the situation but I am looking forward to a healthier future. At the moment however, I would settle for a day without nausea.

The palliative care nurse is coming out to see me on Wednesday morning and hopefully she may have some more ideas.

Sorry not to have been able to bring you more encouraging news but I suppose it’s still early days yet.

Deborah x

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