Day 40

Hi everyone,
Well i am doing alot better. I still do not have all of my strength back but i can do alot more very slowly–of course i do take a nap and sit down if i feel tierd but over all i continue to get better. Each day is a new challenge. Henk i hope you are doing okay what did your oncologist have to say? I find that my head is extremely sensitive to the cold air or just in general i can’t wait to get my hair back. But my appetite has fully come back and Don i quess that man you talked to is right your appetite is back before the energy level but i have not gained to much weight. i try to do alittle something every day even if it’s just a little house work. i don’t feel back to normal but this is much better then before i can eat and enjoy my food and not throw it up and i am adjusting to the smells its getting better not every thing makes me sick now. i can tolerate the smell of my dog and such when i couldn’t before every thing made me sick. So for now i just rest and i go to see my regular oncologist on Feb 23 to see how my blood counts are and such. will keep you posted.