Day 4 of cycle 4 ….

…. and hopefully my last lot of chemo at least for a few weeks. I will need to have some chemo as part of my stem cell harvesting but I think I get about a three week break before that starts. I am still awaiting my last para protein results as they have had to be sent off for extra tests perhaps because they aren’t showing up at all and they are all too feint to quantify, that’s my dream anyway.

It was lovely to have the company of sister yesterday who now knows the journey so well and it gives us a chance to catch up with all our news. As I had more energy than usual and the disabled badge, we found an ideal spot to park in Hampstead. Kate was hungry for a healthy looking lunch so we found a little cafe up a back street selling freshly made fancy salads at quite a fancy price. She had then been craving a not so healthy crepe for sometime now so we found the stall and sat on a bench trying to spot any famous folk who we know live in the area. Our star spotting failed but we really enjoyed our pancakes.


By the time we arrived home I felt pretty tired so any hopes of working on the party invites were sadly put to one side as I fell asleep on the sofa until it was time for bed. Even with the steroids I find that I am able to do less and less which is pretty disappointing. Lets hope that comes to an end soon. Once the stem cell harvesting is over I see myself on the road to recovery, I am visualising the neuropathic pain away followed by a few weeks of relaxation and recouperation that will lead to me finally getting back on track and into work again.

Jem is making us supper tonight which will save us a job and give us a chance to catch up on a cuddle with Elliot which is rather overdue.

Have a good day again.

Deborah x