Day 4 – Morning Update September 17 2011

Had a bit of an appetite this morning and ordered scrambled eggs and dried pieces of potato (they call them Colorado Potatoes).

I was able to eat the eggs and most of the potatoes. I’m still nauseated, but having food in my gut seems to help. If it gets worse, I can ask for 0.5 Ativan which helps and gives me a nap (2 for 1 deal). Still running Normal Saline at 125 cc hour and I like that.

Jani said my dog, Kemmer, finally caught a squirrel in their back yard today – bad for the squirrel, but I’m sure Kemmer was delighted. She has been calmly stocking them all summer. Jani is going to check with the vet if there is some type of shot Kemmer needs now because of the squirrel catch. She has a current rabies and just got the distemper booster yesterday.