Day 39


I went to the Doctor for my weekly visit yestereday.

Not good news, but I knew that.

High M-spike, which means the transplant did little good.

The problem is what to do now.

Don’t Know.

The Doctor suggested I get on a clinical trial somewhere so I can possibly take advantage of new drugs that are not yet approved. I have to do all the work of course to find these trials. They cannot find me a donor yet.  At this point that is really my only hope. I never thought I would do an allogeneic transplant because of all the possible complication that could arise, but now I am willing to do anything because I want to see my grandchildren someday among other things.

I encourage anybody reading this to enroll in the stem cell donor program. You could help many people awaiting donor matches around the world. It’s easy, all that is required is a cotton swab of  the inside of your mouth. If you are a match and willing to donate for someone, then it is a matter of sitting in a chair for about 6 hours while they draw blood through a machine then return it through the other arm. they extract the stem cells they need that way. It does not involve needles through your bones.

All you need to do is go to

Thank You for listnening.


Please enroll because you could save a life. This is good for Leukemia and Lymphm patients as well.