Day 38 – Superb!

Just a quick one but I had to log just what a good day I have had today. Got a lie in till around 10am after which there was a bit of clearing up before going out with Nick and the kids. We were only meant to be doing a couple of bits, but ended up shopping until about 3.30pm!! And I was fine! Absolutely ok! Obviously the neuropathy was there and my feet were in a lot of pain, but I have realised that I need to separate that from how I am feeling post-transplant or I’ll never see the positive response to things. And today, I feel the same tonight at nearly 8pm as I would do any other day where I’d been so busy. What a feeling!

And what has been lovely is that the kids, especially Rebecca loved today too. They hate shopping normally so I’m not quite sure why today was so different, but Rebecca got some new school shoes which she LOVES, and had her hair cut, including a fringe being cut into it. And despite having put it off for months, she loves that too! Amazingly, tonight as she was going to sleep, she told Nick and I that it was her favourite day of the holidays…….and I was there for it….fab.

I am on such a high :-)