Day 37–Gumbling Temperature

The last week has been a bit of an odd one, sorry for not blogging, but I haven’t been well off and on. It’s not been anything serious, my temperature has been going up and down and peeking now and again at 38, what the doctor called a grumbling temperature.

The hospital took cultures from my line and discovered I had a bit of an infection, but so far the results are showing it isn’t that bad and I don’t have any serious effects from it. At the beginning of the week I had a headache and a bit of sickness, but again only slight.

They have took cultures again yesterday (Friday) and hopefully this time it will show clear. I will have to wait till my next appointment on Tuesday to find out.

They hare reduced a couple of tables to try and balance things out as my body excepts and adjust to accepting Nigels Bone Marrow.

I’ve had some good news, I had a test a few weeks ago called the Chimera test (of which there are different types) the results from this test showed that my T-Cells (CD3) which are the cells that help fight against viral infection are now at 89% and another type of cells (CD13) that also helps fight against viral infections are at 93%. So that shows that the cells I have had from Nigel are now working on fighting infections.

On a non medical theme now: Nigel coincidentally had an appointment at Liverpool yesterday, so it was good to see him. He had to get up at 4am to be at Liverpool for 10am, so he was very tired after the journey and couldn’t wait to get home and relax.

Another good surprise was that Paula and Bernard turned up as well and as usual we had a good laugh. We got a few looks from the other patients for laughing so much, but I would rather be happy than miserable. I think I will get some T-Shirts made with the slogan: Yes I have CANCER, but I’m ‘not dead yet!’

It was good to see everyone and cheered me up as I haven’t really spoken to anyone properly for the last few weeks.

I hope the next few weeks just keep getting better. I slept in today till 11:30am I still have bags under my eyes as I haven’t been sleeping properly in the night. Hopefully I will be able to get back into a proper sleep pattern.

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