Day 36

I went for a bike ride last night. I must have cycled, well roughly, I think, about a mile. I ended up in almost the lowest gear. Before I set off I had a route planned of about 4 miles of gentle scenic cycling on the flat mostly. I had to turn back not far from home. I cant believe how weak I am. So now I seriously need to start a regular programme. A little further and faster each day.
I guess being in hospital for a few weeks and sitting round on my a**e for the last few months has contributed to a lot of muscle wastage, despite my best efforts to stay (I thought) fit.
Message to all you Myeloma people out there. Take as much exercise as you feel able. Little and often. Keep your strength up.
A friend of mine is about to embark on and end to end cycle ride (Land’s end to John O’Groats). He’s based in Amsterdam so is sponsored for a Dutch cancer charity. I’ll put a link to it here when he sends it to me.
R’s last A level exam today.