Day 30

Hi all, My posting on this blog is poor at the moment. I think I’m associating it with feeling unwell, which I still do on occasion but generally I feel well. I had a cold last week but that seems to have cleared up quite quickly. They tell me that I will be a bit like a baby, in that I will get lots of colds and sniffles as I work my way through all the various strains of the common cold. Hopefully I’ll avoid the more serious stuff like chickenpox, measles, shingles etc. I will get all my immunity jabs at about 6 months post transplant. Of course if all children had these then it wouldn’t be a problem.
Thanks to all of you who continue to send me good wishes and goodies through the post and to those of you who drop in and see us. Much appreciated.
I had my Hickman line out on Monday. Not too bad an experience, though they said I rather ‘liked’ it in that my body was assuming it was part of me. I think this means that it took a lot of tugging to get it out.
We have now booked our Scottish trip, and I can supply more detail if you are really that interested.
I’ll try and post more frequently.