Day 30

I’ve been feeling OK for the past few days.

On saturday my kids came over and we all watched the Soccer game. The U.S. lost, they are out of the world cup.  It was great, it was my birthday. They gave me the world’s most thoughtful birthday cards each one of them. My little one brought me one dozen pink roses. I almost fainted.  This is the kid who never calls to ask how I am doing.

We took it easy on sunday- no different than most days. We made ribs and chicken wings on the grill with corn on the cob.

Today, monday, I didn’t do much. Stayed and walked around the house. Took a nap around 4 pm. It is tiring doing nothing. I am expected to feel tired, so it’s OK.

After dinner every night I make myself either walk around the yard for 25 minutes, or walk around the house. It is quite hot so Sometimes it’s a mixture of in and out.

I am off the antibiotics since saturday. I haven’t had any milk or chocolate,lunchmeat, or cheese since I started the antibiotics. I have to wait a few more days.