Day 26 post transplant–Hospital Visit

I was off to the Royal Liverpool Hospital again today.

Nothing really exciting happened, I had my blood taken, dressing changed and it was fortnightly (shouldn’t that be fortdaily?) dose of Pentamidine. After my bloods were taken and there was a lot taken today as they took blood for SFLCA, which is a test to find out about various things, including my paraprotein levels. Also they took a Chimera test, which will show if my DNA has changed to Nigel’s yet.

I’m back again at Liverpool on Friday and will know my paraprotein level then. I won’t know the results of the Chimera test for about two weeks, as that takes longer for the results to get back.

I waited for my blood results to return after seeing the doctor on clinic and getting a big bag full of tablets to replace the ones I had used at home.

They results are:

HB: 9.3

PLTS: 103

WBC: 2.7

Neuts: 1.2

As you can see my Neutrophils are very low, there was a discussion to give me some GCSF injections, but they decided to see how it was on Friday, before doing that.

Getting the Taxi/Ambulance home was a bit of pain today, the driver who took my had to go to another job and I had to wait nearly an hour at the doors for another car to pick me up. I was supposed to meet him outside, but after a while standing up outside in the cold I decided to go inside and keep an eye out for him through the window wear it was warmer. I still very tired though standing up for that long and couldn’t wait to get home.

Once I got home, I made something to eat and sat down in front of the TV. I couldn’t keep my eyes open though and kept nodding off in the chair, which isn’t like me.