Day 24 Hospital then Out

I didn’t get punctured until after midnight. The nurse didn’t do it, some other person did. Then I was ready for the IV antibiotics, but the nurse was nowhere around. Finally at 12:45 he came.   It was a very slow drip so as not to blow my vein.    It lasted until almost 4 am. I slept through most of it. Then the vitals Tech came in.

I slept until 7:30 am, got out of bed at 8.

Ate breakfast at 9, got my pill – Acyclovir.

I was feeling tired all morning. Ate lunch from the hospital or else I wouldn’t have eaten anything. Of couse while I am chewing, that’s when the Physician’s assistant came in. She informed me that I would not be leaving today. I was not happy. Reason? A sort of muddled story about I need the IV antibiotics and they could only be given in the Hospital room because there was no pill form. She also said the Infectious disease doctor would be stopping by to assess me.

I figured it would be soon. He didn’t come by until 4:30 pm to tell me there MIGHT be a pill form of antibiotic I could take at home but that he didn’t see any reason for me to remain in the hospital. I agreed. About that time I heard a bunch of people talking outside in the nurse’s area and recognized my Doctor’s voice. I took him 20 minutes to come in. He said that they were working on a way to mabe get me out if my insurance would cooperate in me purchasing the “expensive and rare” antibiotics. I waited and then the pharmacy lady came in and said it had been approved but that I had to pay now for the pills. I got my VISA number from my husband, signed the form and she came back with my pills.

Finally, I was leaving. But of course it took another 2 hours between the nurse getting the discharge papers in order and the transportation team arriving to the room.

You know, the nurse knew at 4 pm that my IV was swollen and a little red, she said she would be right back to take it out, but she didn’t remove it until 6:50 pm. She sure had time for all that chit chat between 4 and 7 though. Believe me she could have taken it out but just didn’t feel like it. As a matter of fact, I had 2 nurses assigned to me that day. It just urks me.

Needless to say, I was elated to be home. I got to sleep by midnight after taking my antibiotic. 


I was still not happy. At  

I took a nap around 2 pm.