Day 23 – catch up talking about day 21 & 22

I thought I should catch up on the last few days.

Thursday day 21 post transplant:

I went to the hospital for 11am via the taxi ambulance. It was just for a blood test to see how I was doing. I also wanted to find out about my sore eyes, the lung issue that Chester hospital had mentioned and what I call my Hobit it feet (my swollen feet). It turns out that my eyes stinging and feet problem are nothing to worry about, its quite common and due to my body being very tired. My feet get gradually worse during the day, but are OK once I have rested them overnight. They listened to my chest and also heard what the doctor heard in Chester. My right lung was taking in less air than my left. They couldn’t hear any fluid, but with my feet swelling, there could be a possibility of it being the start of fluid up, so they sent me for an X-ray. The doctor examined the results and compared the X-ray with a previous chest X-ray. It turns out my right lung is slightly smaller than my right as it is being pushed up by my other internal organs. Apparently not that unusual! Certainly nothing to worry about which is good. I’m glad I checked on these things though as I think it is always best to make sure, rather than worry about them.

My next appointment is on Tuesday, so a few day off, which is another sign everything is going OK. I also have to have my pentamidine which I have every two weeks now, rather than monthly.

Friday day 22 post transplant:

I didn’t do anything yesterday, I felt rather tired most of the day. My brother and sister in law went home early afternoon. Talking about that, my brother Nigel rang me in the evening, and asked when did my other brother Nick get married, as I said my brother and sister in law! I meant my brother in law and my sister in law, not my brother! They are still my brother and sister in law, and I’m pretty sure that is how you write it when reffering to them. It is charitos sister and her husband. Pilar (her sister) along with her husband Chris hence, my brother and sister in law. It doesn’t seem right to refer to them as brother in law and sister in law; maybe I should to stop an confusion!

Today, day 23 post transplant:

It’s only early morning, but I’m feeling relatively OK today. Not that I have done much as usual apart from, get up out of bed, have a shower, take tablets, eat breakfast and write on blog. I might wright more later, if anything exciting happens, who knows I might win the lottery!

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