Day 22

I’m well folks, sorry I’ve been quiet for a couple of days, when I haven’t been so good. Came out of hospital and felt great for a day or two – GCSF and euphoria – then I went downhill, felt sick and very very very tired. Yesterday I went in for blood tests. Neuts- 0.68 WBC 1.3, lower than when I came out but still OK. After that I think I slept for the rest of the day and night and was grumpy in between. To misquote Grauco Marx to a hostess, ‘ I’ve had a wonderful day, but this wasn’t it’.
My bike arrived yesterday, actually I think it may be a ‘Vincitore’ which is better than a ‘Strada’, which I am pleased about, but the paint job, though adequate, has spoilt some of the nicer features. For one the serial number is obscured so I cant find out for sure which model it is, or the age. I may need to get it resprayed.. Perhaps I should ride it first.
Yesterday was my 3 week post transplant anniversary.
So today altogether better, though still very weak and tired. Although I have eaten better today. Take it day by day and compare weeks I was told yesterday. Good advice.