Day 20 – Family

Today has been a day off from the hospital visits. I spent the morning doing nothing really; watched some TV and browsed on the internet.

After lunch I felt like I needed a sleep, so went to bed at about 2:30pm. I didn’t wake up until gone 5pm.

My brother and sister in law arrived at about 7pm and so spent the evening talking to them. They are stopping a few days, but won’t see much of them as I am off to Liverpool tomorrow.

I have a few things to ask/tell/discuss with the doctor. My eyes have been stinging and are a bit blood shot. The doctor at Chester examined me and told me that my right lung wasn’t working as well as the left; although she couldn’t hear any bubling or sign of infection, it needed to be kept an eye on. Now just before going to bed after struggling up the stairs, I got undressed for bed and noticed that my feet and legs are swollen. At least I will have something to talk about with the doctor!

My Life with Myeloma Sean Tiernan