Day -2 Part 2

It’s 10:45 pm on Day -2. I just had my first dose of the nasty chemotherapy, Melphalan.. It goes in like a lamb, but apparently turns into a lion in a few days. I feel just fine right now and I’m told that I should not start feeling rotten until early next week. Meanwhile, I’m committed to staying up until 1 am to chew on crushed ice. I’ve been advised by the medical staff, as well as people that have been through this that the ice therapy is critical for preventing mouth sores and that mouth sores are no fun at all. So, I’m blogging primarily to fight off sleep, as I normally am out cold by now.

Today went pretty much as expected. I arrived around noon, got some lab work done, and then got quizzed by my lovely BMT coordinator and guardian angel Laura to make sure i understood the most important aspects of my treatment. The emphasis was on staying away from germs and calling for help immediately if i experience the least bit of fever or discomfort. I was then taken to the procedure center to have a PICC line installed. That was quick and painless. I was then wheeled over for a quick x-ray to make certain that the PICC line is where it should be, and was then delivered to admissions and brought to my room. I’m in room 4925 of the South tower. I have a fridge and a scenic parking lot view. Who could ask for more? The evening featured a reasonably tasty chicken and rice dinner, an hour of watching Glee, and various tests, leading up to the Melphalan push and the Ice Munching Stay Awake marathon.

It’s now 11:15. Only 1 3/4 hours to go. I’ll let you know how it turns out tomorrow.