Day 2 of chemo and counting

Well I have to admit that today, Wednesday, was not bad for the exception of the dexamethasone I get along with the chemo. It continues to raise my blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and decrease the amount of sleep. They are treating the symptoms with anti-hypertensives, heart rate control meds, and something to help me relax and sleep. I know that the chemo will slowly start showing it’s side effects in the coming days. My wonderful caregiver, hubby continues his wonderful support. It tires him out but he hangs in here with his supportive care. Sometimes we fail to honor our caregivers as well as others fail to inquire about their well being. Caregivers play such an important part in our success of treatments, etc. Unfortunately they sometimes neglect their own health and needs to constantly care for their loved ones. I give a big, warm shout out to my husband, Dennis, for his continual excellent caregiving. He does so with selflessness and non complaining. He yields constantly to my needs and always prepared to kick in do whatever is needed to be done. He runs our household from afar and maintains contact with his office to make sure his patient’s needs are being met. Very few people realize what he does in the background of making sure I am taken care of. Thank you Dennis, I know you always recite our marriage vows “for better, for worse, richer or poorer in sickness and health, to death to us part” Amen. But sometimes I wonder how much sickness you can take. I strive hard to hold on to these too and continue to support you with my love and attention. We have been through a lot with God on our side. Thanks so much for all that you do! Love you, sugs! I will always be grateful and thankful, forever!