Day 19

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and we’re getting closer to it. We got to play hookey today from the cancer center — we slept late, ate breakfast, and got ourselves ready for a visit with Papa (Momma’s Daddy) and Ms. Jo (Papa’s little lady).

Background story on Papa and his little lady — I met Ms. Jo while lifeguarding one summer before leaving for college. Her husband had passed away and she spent her days sitting by the pool with me soaking up some Vitamin D and watching her grandkids swim. I’d mentioned my handsome Papa to her a few times and one hot August day he just happened to stop by the pool for a visit — conveniently while she was there. They seemed to hit it off during their first encounter but Papa played hard to get for a month or so and didn’t call to ask Ms. Jo out until the Fall. He always says that he told her he’d call just not when he’d call…..always the jokester. They had their first official date and have been together ever since — 8 fun filled years or is it 9?? Ms. Jo has become a part of our family and in a way a quasi grandmother for my sister and I. She was the stand in bride during my rehearsal and was seated as a grandmother would be during the wedding. I know they both drive each other crazy sometimes but I can’t imagine the last few years any other way.

Back to today — we headed out tonight for a red meat fest at The Peddler Steakhouse here in Greenville. Papa ordered the prime rib well done, then I convinced him to change it to medium. It of course came out bloody as a stuck pig (not a big deal for me or my dad) but not so appetizing for the cowboy. He’s convinced food gets spit on when you send it back — we sent it back anyway for a little more heat. Momma and I split a ribeye which was decent, Lib had chicken, and Ms Jo had a very well done ribeye. I was definately intrigued by their massive salad bar. I’m wondering if I can convice the chefs at Morrision to start putting Vienna sausages on the salad bars in our cafes??? That was a first and no I didn’t put them on my salad.

Overall the food was good but the company was better. It’s been nearly 6 weeks since Momma has seen anyone besides her caretakers (me, Jess, Daddy, and Lib) and the folks at the cancer center so it was nice to see them. If we all disappear next week it’s because we packed up and headed to the Keys — I’m hoping my Florida fever rubbed off on the great traveler…..

Oh and about the light at the end of the tunnel — we could possibly be going home next week. :)

Fighting Like A Girl