Day 19 – Blood

There isn’t that much to say today, I’ve spent all day at Chester Hospital receiving two units of blood.

I feel much better after receiving it, more energy than I had before.

One thing that did become clear is that Liverpool and Chester need to calibrate how they measure the bloods. I had a different HB count in the afternoon than I did in the morning yesterday. The other blood counts were different as well. Chester reports them higher than Liverpool.

I was going to ask them about this when they last took an Igs count, which measure my paraprotein it was different than the one I got at Liverpool. My paraprotein levels are lower at Liverpool. As I said to Dr Salim, I’m better off going to Liverpool as my levers are lower and therefore have a better chance of the STC working! Really this shouldn’t happen and I’m sure that both Hospitals will say that they have the correct results, but the both can’t be right. I’m not sure how often the equipment is calibrated, but for someone like me, the different between a paraprotein level of 15 and 22 is a big jump. I can’t remember the exact figure, but it was something like that!

It was good to chat the staff at Chester and to meet the new nurse Caroline. I always have