Day 18 – Blood Test Update – October 1 2011

Faye Hummel drove me from The Timbers to my 8:15 AM appointment to have my blood tested at the University of Colorado Cancer Infusion Center. I was happily surprised to see Dana Godec, RN working there and I was her patient :).

Happily, my weight is down to 149. I weighed 140 pounds when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on May 24 2011. I weighed 150 on admission for the stem cell transplant on September 12 2011. On discharge from the hospital on September 27 2011, I was up to 158 pounds. They told me it was retained fluid and it must have been, as I’ve been peeing like a race horse and my weight is down!

We didn’t have to wait long for the blood results probably because it is Saturday. My white blood cell count is up to 4.1 which is awesome, but you cannot really believe that number since I was given Neupogen on Thursday and it may reflect a “false high”. The next time I get my blood drawn which will be Monday, October 3rd or Day 20 will be more reflective of my actual bone marrow function.

My platelets were up to 56 which is wonderful as Neuopogen doesn’t really affect their production. Nurse Dana said a value over 50 meant that my platelets have engrafted in my bone marrow – YIPPEE ~ Now, before you get too excited, 56 is still way too low (150 to 400 is the norm), but I’m on my way.

My hemoglobin is 10.5, so I am still anemic (norm is 12.1 to 16.3), but I’ll take it~

All of my electrolytes were normal except for a low normal potassium at 3.3 (norms 3.3-5.0), so I had to take 40 mg of potassium pills (thankfully, easy to swallow).
My protein and albumin levels aren’t as good as Day 16 (last night measured at 6.2 and 3.6), but they are reflective that I am eating meals with protein at 5.9 and 3.7. Thank you caregivers Jan Martin and Faye Hummel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were in and out of there in 1 hour flat – a miracle considering my previous appointments!
I have a bit of a sinus-like frontal headache (just between my eyes), so I took a Claritin which seemed to help. Don’t know if I should have done that, but they do let me take Claritin when I get Neuopogen shots, so, who knows – I’ll ask at my next appointment on Monday.