Day 16 – Changing of the Guard at The Timbers – September 29 2011

Jani has to do some skills testing for a couple of her online classes beginning this evening, September 29 2011. So, a good friend that I used to teach with at the University of Northern Colorado, Jan Martin, came to spend 24 hours with me at The Timbers.
jm, Jani, and Jan Martin at the changing of the guard, The Timbers, September 29 2011
Jani researched foods that are higher in magnesium and dashed off to Walmart to get me some cashew nuts, frozen edaname soy beans and canned spinach. I’m only allowed to eat canned nuts. Afterwards, Jani took off for Greeley, Colorado with my dirty laundry. She won’t be back until Saturday afternoon. Jan Martin will spend 24 hours with me and be replaced by Faye Hummel for the next 24 hours. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends.!