Day 154 post transplant

Typing this post again and NOT happy that I have to do it!

At Mt Sinai today for my follow up visit with Dr J. We will determine what maintenance I will follow going forward. As a reminder, DFCI recommended 2-3 rounds of RVD as consolidation with maintenance of Rev and Velcade subcu. They also wanted to continue Zometa every quarter.

My numbers from DFCI looked good with my IgA at 73 (range 70-400). However, there was some confusing info on the immunofixation pathology report. Specifically stating there was a faint m-spike which couldn’t be quantitated and that there was a trace of IgG Kappa and faint lambda lines. I will ask Dr J his thoughts on this and the ask Dr R if there are any other questions.

For now ill get back to waiting for the Doc but I wanted to give a quick shout out to Steve who is on or about day 14 post SCT and Andy who is starting the process in a few weeks.



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