Day 15 – Moving Day AGAIN – September 28 2011

Jani and I moved in to The Timbers Room 123 late yesterday afternoon. We have a ton of stuff and it was not an easy task getting all of it rolled into the room and put away. Just about dinner time, a strong odor of cigarette smoke filled the bathroom area. Jani called the front desk and the lady said she’d take care of it since all of The Timbers is “Smoke Free” (in theory). Pretty soon after that, the smoke-smell cleared. I’ve been warned to stay TOTALLY FREE of smoke because of my baby-immunity status.

Again this evening, the bathroom area in Room 123 filled with cigarette smoke. Jani went to investigate and talk to the front desk lady. Jani was gone a long time and finally came back to tell me that the only solution appeared to MOVE to another room. Poor Jani, had to move all the stuff again to a second floor Room 203 which took a long time. I wasn’t much help.

So, now – we are in Room 203 and it smells a lot better and is nearer the front desk of The Timbers. In fact, I think it is a much nicer room.