Day 13 Afternoon Update September 26 2011

My white blood cell count continues the climb upward with 1.9 at 4 PM September 26 2011.
They can finally calculate my absolute neutrophil count (ANC) and it is 1.7 right now. This is all good. So, good – that I will be discharged from the University of Colorado Hospital tomorrow, September 27 2011 – Day 14 since my stem cell transplant.
Jani and I will remain here in Aurora, Colorado at a hotel named The Timbers which is approximately 2.8 miles from the University of Colorado Hospital. This will allow us to be close enough to the hospital for the next 2 weeks to return for frequent blood draws and transfusions as needed.
And most importantly, I will be able to go outside in fresh air for the first time since September 12th. I will have to wear a mask when I’m going in and out of the hospital, but not necessary if I’m walking outside where no people are gathered.
My immune system today is IDENTICAL to that of 13-day-old newborn infant. The stem cell transplant drug melphalan completely destroyed my previous immune system. I now have no immunity to anything including polio, chickenpox, measles, mumps, etc. So, just as you would not take a 13 day old infant into crowds, I must avoid this also. It will take at least 100 days for my immune system to get back to full duty. At some point, I will have to have all of the childhood immunizations again. I will be able to return to Mackay, Idaho just before Christmas 2010 when Day 100 falls.