Day 12 Blood Count

They took my bloods today, just in case I needed to have a cross match tomorrow; however the blood results have come back and they are even better than I had thought they would be.

HB: 10.2 up 1.0

PL: 39 up 15

WH: 12.0 up 4.2

Neuts: 7.6 up 3.2

I really can’t believe my Neutrophils they are better than they have been for a very long time. When I came in, they were at 0.7, now 7,6 WOW The normal (Normal as in doesn’t have cancer) is 7.5, I am better than most people at the moment! I think that deserves a double WOW WOW. I’m under no delusion though that they will no doubt drop again. The are in the position they are due to the GCSF and the reason why my back has been hurting. I’m sure they will drop right down again pretty soon; however for now I’m happy they are up to a level where I can go home without needing any bloods etc.


My Life with Myeloma Sean Tiernan