Day 11 — Day14

Day + 11, Jan 8 ~ Day + 14, jan11

Day 11, Jan 8
Yesterday was an ok day. Nausea is still around as well as this mucositis coating my tongue and throat. Makes everything tastes like some kind of metal . My numbers are still soaring. 1.96 today for the white blood cell count. Dr wants me to drink two small pitchers a day, which is very difficult what with the nausea and mucositis and bad taste.

Day 12, Jan 9
Huge floods and rainstorms in Houston today. Not a good nites sleep last nite, a lot of nightmares. Actually woke up surprised to be where I am. Pain mostly gone from tongue and throat, and that metal taste is still there. White blood cell count is now 4.5. Just took a long walk with one of the nurse assistants. Mom stayed home at rv taking care of a pipe leak plus the rainstorms and tornadoes making a bit of a threat…
I still need this mucositis to be gone so I can drink. Came super close to losing it when I drank a cup of water.

Day 13, Jan 10
Nauseated the whole day. Stayed in fetal position as much as possible. Very hard to drink or eat, much less walk.

Day 14, Jan 11
Same nausea, trying to drink as much as possible. Since they’re discharging me tomorrow nite, I have to walk so I did twice. I do feel somewhat better. Getting ready to turn in. White Blood cell count is 3.4.