Day 10 – Another Sunny Day

Here’s an update on my getting through the mobilization.  Yesterday we started earlier trips to Hopkins for the shots because they are now doing labs to determine if the stem cells are getting to the volume needed to harvest them.  Today forward we will arrive at 7:30am.  They are now keeping me longer, doing labs and doing more of a check-up.  They went ahead and gave me the shot today because based on my blood counts they know I’m not ready yet – maybe Wednesday or Thursday for the harvesting.  I met with the nurse practitioner and in  her exam she noted an arrhythmia (which I felt then and had felt previously, but thought it was just fatigue-related).  She reviewed the January 29th EKG, which was fine, but she wanted to do another one – so we did.  All is fine and she wasn’t greatly concerned, but it made me realize that my body is going through a lot right now and even though I may feel “normal” things are not necessarily normal.  A few other things are a bit off so they may start giving me some supplements and of course will continue to monitor me each day.  My hematocrit is low which may necessitate a transfusion tomorrow.  Hematocrit is the volume of red blood cells in the blood.  I was told when we started all this  that I may have to have one or two transfusions during the whole stem cell transplant process so this is not a surprise – or a worry for that matter. But if I have the transfusion tomorrow it will take about 3 hours, and that will be after the labs, shot and mini-check-up, so we are preparing for being there several hours.

So the message for me today is REST.  Be quiet, take a nap (I got up at 5:30 this morning) and take some of that reflection time I mentioned in my last blog.  I also want to do a few of my physical exercises because I truly believe those actions allow my body to come into a neutral alignment and feel more fluid, allow my nerves to re-generate,and my metabolism to be boosted. And I feel better when I’m done!

As I wrap this up I’m looking out on the deck of my brother’s back yard and the sun is bright, the sky once again is brilliant blue, a breeze is blowing through the trees and………….it just reminds me that life is good.  Wishing you a beautiful day.!  With love, Kathy