Day -1 – Stem Cell Collection

I will be going in to Group Health Central clinic nice and early tomorrow, Thursday morning (Day 1). The plan is to install a central line. This is a direct port to a large vein above the heart, the subclavian vein. The central line is a device that allows blood samples to be withdrawn and drugs and blood products to be given. The procedure for installing the central line usually only requires local anesthesia.

Then I will go to the infusion center and get my first dose of high-dose chemotherapy, called Cytoxin. They will keep me there all day and overnight. This so they can keep pumping saline into my system. Its important that the Cytoxin doesn’t get a chance to sit in the bladder. If it does it can “burn” the bladder and cause complications.

On Day 2 (Friday) I will get a second does of the Cytoxin. And then later that day I will be sent home. Hopefully the anti-nausea medicine will be working and I won’t get sick. But, in any case I am planning on being home all weekend while I recover from the chemotherapy infusion.

So, my next update will likely not be until Saturday or Sunday, after I return home. At that time I will be able give an update on what my experience actually was.

I posted another link (on the right hand side) of a story about another persons perspective of the Stem Cell Transplant (STC) experience. I think it is a nice informative story.