Dancing on

We live to dance another day, it’s just now we have to dance for one more of us.
Long Live The Queen – Frank Turner *
Day 66 : I can feel myself improving physically, week upon week. I need mental strength too.

Not much new news in my life this week. Feeling stronger. Have been to the pool twice – once for exercise (swam 32 lengths, which I’m quite proud of) and once to lark about with the children. Even managed a few minutes running on the machine at my gym group. The first time I’ve run in over a year (and my skeleton didn’t collapse, I’m pleased to report). Still getting a lot of back ache, but also finding it just a little less difficult to lie flat when I try to. Getting increasing capability to do things that bend and twist my torso without suffering too much as a consequence. Fatigue is still an issue. Spent all of Wednesday and half of Friday lying down. But that really is par for the course, I think. Still having some issues with my skin. Crazy itching (I think this is my body hair beginning to regrow). And unannounced attacks of lizard-face from time to time. So that’s me.

I discovered on Tuesday that Hugh Sutherland, a friend and fellow traveller in myelomaland, has died. I knew Hugh only through communication online – but I feel an inevitable bond with everyone fighting myeloma, which accentuates these friendships. Hugh was in remission after a stem cell transplant, so as well as being horrid, sad news about a friend, it was also unsettling news for me personally, in remission from my own stem cell transplant. I’ve been thinking about it a lot all week. I’ll try to describe my feelings to you, but you’ll have to wait until I can sort them all out in my head and express them eloquently. Right now my thoughts are with Hugh’s wife Karen.

* Another friend with myeloma shared this lyric with me, as his own response to losing myeloma friends. I like it a lot. I will dance for Hugh.