Dancing Beyond my Bubble!

Oh what a difference a week makes!

I recovered from my yucky feverish state from last week (see my previous cranky rant), skipped last week’s chemo appointments as planned (yes, be mad at me!), then went to a beautiful beach wedding this weekend, felt a bit normal and most importantly had some FUN in my limited life! It’s so crazy to feel so awful one week, and then so OK the next. I sure hope the cross contamination contact cooties stay away from me.

Back now to Myelomaville Mondays and Tuesdays. I totally forgot to take my weekly pre-chemo blood tests, and have to get myself together quickly to get there more than an hour early (see my results update below). Not easy for this party girl this morning :)))

Even without the power of Roids, I danced the night away (well kinda lol)
Not much stamina, and my neuropathy almost caused me to trip a few times,
but so worth it to have an evening of celebration and pseudo normalcy!
The beautiful Bride (my cousin) just finished her Pharmacy degree.


Such an awesome day to be out and living.
You know I love symbolism
there’s even a Horse on this!
Surprisingly my CBC’s with Differential and Creatinine were pretty good. WBCs, ANC, Platelets, Hemoglobin, etc, all hovering just below the low end of NORMAL! WhooHoo! Maybe that’s why I rebounded from the most recent fever yuk in a week. Goooo immune system for rallying! Interesting how these critical stats, while being on Kyprolis, are better then they’ve been in a long time.Yet, crazy how my IgA and M-Protein can be rising. Hmm, what’s up with a stronger system, but cancer still creeping up?

I will do my full MM blood stats later in the month, after these next 2 weeks of Kyprolis/Dex, then have a status appointment last week of June. So maybe it will be a positive roller coaster this month? I know some may not agree with my philosophy to stay on the lower dose of Kyprolis, which I will continue again this month. It’s so important to me to protect my organs from higher dose chemo since I’ve been treating for over 6.5 years now, and I am fully aware of the “foreverness” of my future myeloma treatments and how harsh this is on our bodies.

When I’m at the chemo lab for infusions, it’s interesting to see and hear new chemo lab patient’s shock when I tell them I’ve been in treatment for over 6.5 years, and that my cancer Myeloma is incurable. Seems like most can’t wrap their thoughts around that concept, as most have been given a treatment stop date, for a “curable” cancer. Other’s reactions to my diagnosis and situation helps me to process my crazy status. Hearing their “shock and awe” really brings it home to me, that I AM a SURVIVOR! 6.5 years is significant to be continually battling cancer!

Everyone thinks I’m “so strong”. I’m really not… I just keep moving forward as if I didn’t have cancer, as it’s still so unbelievable I have cancer, let alone incurable cancer. So I just move forward. Always forward. One day at time. One foot in front of the other. Living life, one challenge at a time.

Thanks for checking in!!

Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!