D3 Post Transplant!!

Today, December 07, 2009, is day three after stem cell transplant. I go from the transplant house to Methodist’s Hospital every morning at 1000 CST for blood work and checking the Hickman Catheter. On Day 1 (Saturday), I went over to the hospital and had the bllod work done and back home by about noon. All was going weel, no nausea fromt he melphan from the preveious couple of days, no side effects/uncomfortableness from the transplant etc. About 1500 R on Saturday I got a call from the hospital, I needed 2 units of blood for low hemoglobin. No problem, mom and I walked on over and spent 5 hours getting a blood transfusion, then walked back to the transplant house.

Day 2, Sunday, was rather uneventful. Went to the hospital, bloodwook, checked the Hickman, etc. Walked ome had lunch, etc, did a litle computer work. Missed the Vikings first touchdown but did see several of the Cardinal’s TDs!

Day 3, Monday, started out as usual. We caught the shuttle too the hospital and went to get the blood work done. Trouble is this time the lines were plugged, seems the catheter lines had clotted?????? I really don’t like the idea of blood clots but the nurse practicioner (sp) rea-assured me it wasn’t what I thought. the BMT nurse put some solvent in lumens and let it set for a while and then is started working. Blood draws as normal. The BMT nurse did change the dresssing on the Hickman for us so that was nice, Mom got to see it done again for when she does it! Day 3 was not done yet, we had to get some more meds before we left the hospital, Norvasc for blood pressue so we picked that up on the way out, got my glasses fixed (the plastic part that goes over the left ear fell off somewhere Saturday) and went and ate lunch. We got back to the room at about 1400 and the phone rang at 1430, that I had to come back to the hospital to pick up some potassium supplements. another trip back to the pharmacy and more scripts!

So today, I added 3 more pills to take to my daily routine, removed 1 other, have a whole rainbow of fruity flavors to take……!

Mom started charting my calorie and protein intake for the dietician, I am to target 1900 calories and 75 mg of protein per day. Well sunday was a good day, the dietician figured it was bout 4000 calries and 300 g of protein. I thought I may come up alittle short! Today should be OK to, we had a big breakfast and then went to the Pannekoeken for a lunch of country fried steak.

Day 4 post transplant is tomorrow, the BMT nurse said my counts will continue to drop for a couple of more days until engraftment and then start to pick back up!

Nice to report no nausea, vomitting, diarrehia…. and my energy level seems to be OK. Mom has been a big help, we go for a couple of walks a day and she takes care of all my meds and gets my meals ready for me. The BMT nurse said that the caregiver is very important and boy was she right!