(this is a cut/paste of my Fbook post – this event has taken off! Thank you all!)

Ok – today is D-Day – I’ve got soooo much stuff to do AND my daughter’s bday party is tomorrow! ToysRUs and then start packing up all the crap I need for tonite. Need to test the Google+ connection w/ Baltimore (trying to get up a live feed of the event for those interested that can’t make it.) Need clippers, lights, light up mohawks, and I think I’ll shave the beard in advance of the night! I can’t wait till tomorrow when I work off the hangover, shower the bald pate and not have to worry about coordination!

That doesn’t mean I’ll shut up but I will definitely be quiet for a few days! :) We’re just over $22,000.00 as of this morning. But what you dont know is that doesn’t include about $2700 from Hong Kong, $5000 from my company match, a match for the HK donation and about $1500 in direct donations (checks) that haven’t yet hit the board. I’m not quoting that number but I wanted everyone to know that $50,000 target is not a false one! Remember, we have Dallas and Boston happening in Feb and still need to coordinate DC and Phoenix.

Pass the word – Promote Global Hair Loss! And for those recent followers fighting this disease, let’s have some fun like I discussed!

to donate: http://bit.ly/PGHLdonate