Cycle Two of Chemo begins tomorrow

Just letting everyone know that this week has gone by great.  We saw the oncology clinic on Thursday and his hemoglobin continues to be in the triple digits (103).  His breathing is good.  His mind is VERY sharp. His appetite is ok.  Wish is was better, but he’s eating enough to get by.  He has lost more weight.  His Achilles heal is bothering him and walks with a limp.  We went for a very short walk outside today.  It’s a beautiful day.
Tomorrow he begins four days straight of IV chemo drip, as an in patient.
This is quite the formula: Dexamethasone, CISplatin, DOXOrubicin Cyclophosphamide and Etoposide.
We ask that no visitors come visit as this will take two weeks to recover from.  After which the harvesting will take place.  Waiting to hear back from Princess Margaret regarding more information.  I believe that on Friday or early next week, they will be doing another CT scan to see how the lymph nodes are doing.
Still needing your prayers.
I’ll keep you posted with his progress.