cycle 7 Vidaza

I am so glad to have completed the 7 days of Vidaza. It is never a pleasant experience to to be jabbed so many times. The physical discomfort is real and this time round there were a few days of “misery”. A bit of low fever for the first two days with quite an achy body. The surface redness on the tummy affected my sleep somewhat. The earlier cycles of Vidaza were done on its own, this time, I continued with 10 mg Revlimid and a pulse of dexa. Hopefully the combination will help for both MM and MDS. The reduced dose of Revlimid from 15mg to 10 mg should help to reduce fatigue. But as doc said, Rest, Rest and not expend energy. So far my experience with Vidaza, is that it does require me to rest more.
The latest bloodtest result show all numbers in good range, except m-spike still at 5.66, even this puzzles the doc. If we can’t get the number to go down, we still need to stop it from climbing without having high dose of targetted drugs. We got to find that balance. I am scheduled to see him in 3 weeks time for review. In the meantime, I have 3 weeks to recover from cycle 7.
But I must say that I am very thankful that Vidaza is effective for me. There are many MDS patients with serious problems and