Cycle 2 Week 1 Day 1 Carfilzomib and Dex – November 27 2012

Made to St. Luke’s Hospital MSTI in Twin Falls, Idaho without closely encountering any wild life. I did see a big buck mule deer, but he was about 40 yards off the highway. My appointment was at 9:20 AM, so I had to do the first 45 minutes or so in the dark…I am deer-shy after hitting one 30 Oct 2012. At least I have my repair Bart (2006 Honda Pilot) back to drive, as the transmission is “iffy” in Jonah (1999 Honda Passport).

Saw Dr. Padavanija and shared my experiences at the Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale. She had the dictated reports from Dr. Foncesa, but hadn’t had time to review them yet. We decided to start back on the Aredia (bone building medication) today; increase the carfilzomib dosage from 20 metered squared and 27 metered square and have my blood checked in Arco, Idaho on Friday to check my platelet count.

We discussed the possibility of getting a port placed in my chest for intravenous access and having a bone marrow biopsy BOTH under conscious sedation, one right after the other in the same room after Cycle 2 of the carfilzomib is completed. It will be scheduled for either 19 Dec 2012 or 20 Dec 2012 giving my bone marrow a period of time to recover after the completion of the 2nd Cycle of carfilzomib is completed on 12 Dec 2012. Jani will be here in Idaho (visiting for Christmas) to take me. They don’t have the OnControl Driver, but I figure with conscious sedation, I’ll be okay. Otherwise, I would have to drive or fly to the University of Colorado Hospital just for a bone marrow biopsy WITHOUT conscious sedation, but with the OnControl Driver~

Today, they drew my multiple myeloma blood tests including the M-Spike. It was 0.5 at the Mayo Clinic on 20 Nov 2012. Will have to wait a couple of days for results from today.

My white blood cell count was improved today to 4.1 but, a tad low (norms 4.5-11); my hemoglobin improved, but little low at 11.3 (norms 12-16); and my platelets were NORMAL at 155 (norms 140-440). My LDH has increased again to 867 (norms 313-618).

My creatinine was NORMAL today at 0.99 (norms 0.52-1.04) and I was HAPPY about that. My BUN was normal at 17 (norms 7-17) and even my GFR was NORMAL at greater than 60 for the first time!

I was in the infusion area for a long time because the IV took 2 pokes to work and then, the Aredia takes 2 hours to run – I thought about taking a Claritin to ward off the Aredia “flu-like” aches and pains that I sometimes have with the bone building medications. I decided to “wait and see” and then take Claritin if needed.

Followed by intravenous dex, intravenous carfilzomib at 27 metered square dosage (an increase from 20 metered squared). They decided not to give me the liter of extra fluids because my kidney function tests were normal, so I’ll drink extra fluids this afternoon and tonight.

However, they did give me a nice free lunch consisting of a sandwich and pudding.

My mind seems somewhat clearer (prior to dex administration) and I’m not very tired for someone who has spent more than 5 hours lounging in a recliner – ha~

Went directly to the pet store and bought Nature’s Miracle Skunk Remover for Kemmer who I’m sure rolled on some dead skunk over by Ron’s house yesterday while I was at the dentist.  I put Skunk OFF on her last night, but it just covers the smell with a TERRIBLE floral scent. She is back at Ron’s today and tomorrow until I get home – so, I’ll need the real stuff by then.

Drove to the motel and checked in around 3:30 PM. Will return to the Infusion Area tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM to get Day 2 of the carfilzomid/dex.