Current stats… just go away Myeloma

Hello everyone, and happy almost holidays to all of you that follow my blog :)

December is a month of reflection and recollection for me, with a lot of original Myeloma diagnosis milestones:
Dec 14, 2009 first Hematology/Oncology (I’m in the wrong place) appointment
Dec 18, 2009 first surprise, why me, shocking bone marrow biopsy
Dec 30, 2009 totally unexpected Myeloma C A N C E R  diagnosis

am feeling a bit melancholy… as being re-diagnosed and out of remission so soon has hit me
differently than my initial diagnosis… but enough of this… and on to
my recent statistics.

Had my monthly oncology
appointment on Monday and even with being back on Revlimid chemo and Dex
steroids and all the other meds… my Myeloma markers still increased:

my IgA immunoglobulins are now 1890, up 400 points from just last
month, and more than double what they were this summer when I came out
of remission. On Kaiser’s scale, normal range is between 70-400

My M-protein (M-spike) is now 1.4, up from zero after my autologous stem cell transplant in July 2010.

oncologist wants to double my Revlimid dose, (from 5mg to 10mg), but I
said no thank you, let me enjoy the holidays without increased side
effects and possible complications. My initial 2010 treatment started at
10mg, with somewhat bearable side effects. But when we increased to
15mg, I wound up with a serious rash and other dangerous side effects,
so we quickly backed down to 10mg.

Onward the battle goes…

And when this awful CA Artic Chill disappears
I’ll join my darling pups for some sun !

They make me smile