Curetalk Panel and the Pioneers for advancing a Cure

I want to yet again toot the horn of the Curetalk panel with Dr. Paramiswaran Hari, MD. and moderated by Gary Peterson.   This 1 hour question and answer session certainly helped me better understand Myeloma and its possible treatments and it also helped anyone who listened better understand this rare form of cancer.    MM only strikes roughly 10,000 + people in the US every year.  While breast and lung cancer invades Hundreds of thousands  annually.  Publicity is one key to research for a cure.
The MMRF “Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation” along with the generous donations of the late
Sam Walton, founder of Wal Mart to the UAMS-MIRT. Both along with the tireless efforts of others like Pat Killingsworth  have brought this disease to the forefront of the nations’ attention.

Which brings me to my point.   Whether it be Sam Walton, Kathi Guisti or the countless others out there who advocate, these pioneers and advancers of the cause  are our best and greatest hope!  We must thank them and celebrate their determination to help find effective treatments and eventually a CURE!