I am a disabled American Veteran who became disabled at war, fighting for my nation. It should be no surprise that, as a patriot, I tend to look at the various conspiracy theories with a somewhat jaundiced eye. But, believing in the individual rights I fought for,  I am also not the kind of person who will dismiss things out of hand, simply because they sound awfully far-fetched. Were I to do that, I would have to dismiss much of what I say myself, so I have cultivated myself as a good listener. I make it a point to stay informed, and so I watch all of the most respected and accurate news analysts through vehicles like Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and Steven Colbert’s Colbert Report.  I learn more about what’s going on by watching these two shows than I do watching CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NWCN and the BBC. Combined. They all seem to be so preoccupied with politics that they seem to shun, eschew, and ignore  literally every other possible news story –unless it picks on a competitor or features a celebrity with a large draw.

The tidbits I glean from the two hallowed institutions of the Comedy Central point me to things to go query Google News about, which draws from many news sources as well as professional blogs. It is this way that I manage to keep up with things; I learn about what’s happening on the planet. Not only are the programs handy for information with a lot less bias than found anywhere else (1% less biased), but they have pointed out to me a lot of good books, which I immediately buy from Amazon for my Kindle. Being disabled means one has a lot of time to read.  Some of us have so much time, we write. But long story short, assuming this was a story and not a bland recitation of facts, I’ll get to the point. A great friend of mine sent me the following YouTube video that was uploaded by the Corbett Report. No, not Colbert, Corbett.  It is a succinct explanation of the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks, and couldn’t have been better worded if it was written by the dedicated journalists at America’s finest news source, The Onion.