CT Scan results

We went in yesterday for a blood count check.  His platelets were on the low side, but no transfusion.
He did receive the 2 1/2 hour drip with pamidronate, the bone strengthening meds. It was different than when Humber River Hospital administered it.  Tony was mobile this time, so we were able to leave the clinic, have lunch and just wander around.
While there I asked the doctor for a copy of the CT Scan report.  I just needed to see it for my own eyes and plus I was curious as to the size of the tumors.
I’m going to quote the most exciting read ever!

” There has been near total resolution of the left-sided periaortic mass seen previously, with very minimal soft tissue remaining, as seen on image 80 of series 2, measuring approximately 24mm x 14mm compared to 8.3 cm x 6.4 cm before”

“Also, near total resolution of 8.1cm x 7.6cm soft tissue mass seen previously in the left lower quadrant, with just minimal regional residual stranding”

Need I say more?

Happy Christmas shopping everyone!
Now we wait for that phone call.  Luggage is ready and waiting.