crocheting now

I am going to move on to crocheting. I started to crochet when I was in Ann Arbor, where I found a little booklet on fun hats for children at a craft shop. I did 4 hats in the last weeks of my vacation. Whoa…. crochet in the dry winter days of Ann Arbor, causes the skin on the fingers to break…( I even had to place tiny plasters over the tips of my thumbs, to keep the skin from breaking open)…. glad to be back to the humid weather of Singapore!

Look at my collection of knitting books (from past Christmases) and now 2 new ones on crocheting! So eager to start. For mm-ers like me, knitting and crocheting are good and sensible activities, for days when we are less energetic. I am not one of those who can run marathons…..

Ahh, the froggy hat that I crocheted, the bumble bee is at the far end by the stairs. It is really wonderful to make these hats for the children, it makes them happy and I am happy too! Great for the cold winter in Ann Arbor and Montreal (two hats – a fish and pumpkin – went to young ones there).