Today was the first year of my youngest daughters sophomore year of high school. The way she walked into that school today made me drop my jaw. This school looks like a manufacturing plant for politicians, 50 shades of Khaki is the uniform the boys wear, and the girls are just like the wives of senators in training… just saying. It could also double as a setting for several horror movies and television shows where the teens have obscene amounts of money and drive cars nicer than the adults. The parents generally look like they definitely are minted, fresh from the box of Ken & Barbie also. I want to get a bumper sticker that says, “My kids have interpersonal skills in the form of balls of steel” not the ones that brag about her honor roll.

I cannot imagine the courage it takes be a teenager in high school in 2019… with social media… I literally… cannot imagine. I watch my children walk places, heads high, regardless of what the situation is, and I am always impressed beyond words. Props to them, props to all my friends kids that are out there surviving, and thriving, against all distractions and hope sometimes.

But seriously, the boys are tan from their ankles to their heads, with natural sun frosting on the tips of the floppy hair that has to be tossed continuously during a conversation. The only kind of tan I imagine you get from being on a boat in the middle of some beautiful ocean where the sun hits you from all angles? I was intimidated driving in the drop-off lane, I can only imagine having a huge backpack on my back, bright red hair – just being adorable, and having to walk into Abercrombie and Fitch High School… not rich shaming, just wishing I had a camera to illustrate what I saw my daughter walk into this morning. I wanted to cheer like she was spiking a football, just for getting out of the car by herself. lol

Thank God, I don’t have to go to high school anymore.