Counts are dropping, otherwise business as usual

My white count finally dropped under 2 on Monday. 0.9 Monday, 0.33 Tuesday, 0.15 today. My platelets were 40 yesterday and 37 today, so lower but not a big drop between the days. That might signal they have stabilized, which would be good. I'm day 7 post chemo today and pretty much things are going as anticipated. My blood pressure has been much better the past couple of days so no more getting fluids every day. It's just labs, growth factor shots, and avoiding germs until my counts recover. I see the doctor on Friday, and if everything goes well I'm hoping to be ready for discharge by Monday or Tuesday.

My brother is here with me now. My Dad flew out Sunday just in time to miss some rain and slightly cooler temperatures. We've mostly just been laying low other than going to the clinic. Today though since it was cloudy and a little cooler we went down to the River Market area and also checked out the Clinton Library. It wasn' crowded at all so not much worry about germs. Pretty neat to see the library, it's a very cool building.

Last night I made my final attempt to try to find decent pizza in this town. Now, we did like the brick oven place (ZaZa), but we were still looking for good regular style pizza. Damgoode Pies was the last place on the list of places everyone tells you to go, so we decided to try it. My Dad had even just sent a message that he saw a recommendation for it Food Network Magazine. After we picked it up we saw it looked pretty promising, but once again we were pretty disappointed. It was decent but nothing special. The crust was better than at the other recommended places we had tried, but the sauce was pretty bad. So from now on in Little Rock it will be the brick oven place or bust!

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