Counting Blessings, Being Grateful, Always Finding Humor

Hello 11.17.17

8 years ago my IgA was 5630
Normal range is 70 – 400
Today my IgA is 580

I am very grateful to say the least! 7 years, 11 months of myeloma treatments, keeping me alive. Pretty amazing I’m still here, and as functional as I am :))
I take nothing for granted, and appreciate my good fortune every day!

Monday I have an appointment with my SCT (stem cell transplant) oncologist. I did labs the other day, and so far only know my CBCs and organ stats. Take a look at these, and I’ll post my myeloma stats after my appointment. I am surprised and thrilled to report that my organ function results (ALT, AST, BUN, Creatinine, Bilirubin, etc) are in the normal ranges. Isn’t that incredible, that after almost 8 years of pummeling my body with powerful chemo concoctions, my innards are still healthy! Yes, I have so much to be thankful and grateful for! 

I’ve been battling a lousy head cold since Nov 6. Been a crazy thing. First a headache, but slight. Then a sore throat, but slight. A few sneezes here and there. Ok one day, lousy the next. I had a few events, and felt ok. I didn’t really feel “sick-sick”, just annoying head cold sick. Then this past Sunday, I developed a cough. One day ok, the next, not. It’s such a weird bug. I kept thinking I was ok. Then I wasn’t. I worried maybe it was in my chest, and was something to worry about, but my breathing is clear and deep, and I never had a fever. But the cough is lingering, and I can’t clear all the “gunk” out yet. But it’s “clear”, not gross. See, I’m just not an alarmist. I’ve always tended to “under react”. Take a look at those WBCs and ANC. Maybe that’s why I can’t get rid of this bug. Ya think! I really don’t think I have anything serious, but we’ll see when I meet up my Dr on Monday.

But that’s after the MMRF Marathon Walk on Sunday. I signed up and created a Team, thinking I would just raise a few dollars to donate to the MMRF. But friends and family wanted to participate, which is so sweet. And lots of amazing people donated! So now I have to show up on Sunday! And this will be very challenging for me, as it’s really really really early in the morning, and I never feel well in the morning, no matter the status of my health! I always wonder why fundraiser events for cancer patients always start so early in the morning. Every event I’ve wanted to participate in, is like this. Maybe I’m the only one who morphs into yuck at night, and wakes up feeling so blah…

And then Wednesday is my birthday, and Thursday is Thanksgiving, and Friday off to the Chemo Lab for my Monthly Darzalex infusion. I think it’s infusion #20. I’ve continued to take Pomalyst, which wreaks havoc on my WBCs, so it’s no wonder I can’t kick this bug. Isn’t it crazy that on the one hand all the meds are keeping me alive. Yet on the other hand, they are sabotaging my immune system. All I can do is continue to count my blessings, keep a positive attitude, and for me, find humor in whatever I can, as laughter is therapy for me.

For those that celebrate, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your families. Stay well, be happy, and let the stress go…

My current life

My next life 
Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!