Could Be Going Home!

Well much to my astonishment I was told yesterday I should be going home Monday if I am OK. Given I still feel like a wet dish rag and have the runs etc I thought I’d be here for at least another week or two. However my neutrophils are up to 6 and while eg platelets are still lagging, they are in their 40s all by themselves now. Apparently they lag behind. I will be expected to still do my PEG feeding at home, so will get a home pump.

Sent us into a bit of a spin as the house has had quite a lot of DIY done to it, and the furniture scattered everywhere, the utility room in pieces and the ensuite shower not finished. People who have had transplants are very vulnerable to spores raised from building dust of any sort (as well as eg compost, soil generally etc).  So not only does Bob and the family have to get everything back in place, but the whole house needs a damp wipe! It is active building work which is the main problem but we have had quite a bit of DIY done, so want to be very careful about it.

Bowels still difficult. The PEG feed is liquid which doesn’t help and my digestion is not used to much normal food yet and sometimes protests. My consultant said I might not see a normal poo for 6 to 8 weeks!!

I will update later on progress as and when.