Consolidation #2 begins

Hello All!

Back in Little Rock. We arrived last Tuesday – went through normal restaging tests. All this is part of our new norm…I remember when going through all these tests, the wait & everything else was so overwhelming. Now, all this seems like small details. We had a great meeting with our Dr. on Friday and even better dinner with him Friday evening. His dedication and love for his patients is incredible. I don’t think I ever met a doctor like him. I was socked and sadden by the death news of a fellow patient. He was going through the same protocol as I, low risk… He completed 2nd transplant. He did get sick after it and spent time in the hospital. I saw him in early June last and he looked fine to me. Anyhow, still trying to get over the news. But that is life I guess. I remember when I was getting my 2nd stem cell transplant, a lovely caregiver decided to stop by our room. Before leaving, she was nice enough to tell me that “not everyone makes it….” That was exactly what I needed to hear at the time :) But I guess that is very true. So you got to make the best of every day!
I got connected to chemo on Saturday. Will be getting it off on Wed and hoping to return home end of August.
Spending a month at home was wonderful and re-energizing! I am at the home stretch and so ready to get this treatment behind me… that is, not counting the three years of maintenance of course. But hey – all that is good. As another fellow blogger puts it – I would rather go through all that – the alternative is worse :)